08/17/2017 : Scholarship from VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL

RMB 50,000if admitted to Shanghai Vancouver Film School
CAD 10,000if admitted to Vancouver Film School
FACEWARE Special Award / FOUNDRY Special Award / Outstanding Work
RMB 30,000if admitted to Shanghai Vancouver Film School
CAD 6,000if admitted to Vancouver Film School

Valid from Sep. 2017 to Sep. 2019

Shanghai Vancouver Film School is the only higher education institution in China with a western education model delivered in english by highly acclaimed North American Teachers who teach how to create, design, produce and film all types of content with the highests standards and state of the art technology.
11/29/2016 : PSA joints hands with NTUA to establish first official course of Pre-visualization in Asia
Previs Society Asia has cooperated with the Film faculty of National Taiwan University of Arts to officially offer course on Previs, a most critical production process in Hollywood film production, from Oct/2017.
Click HERE for details.
11/29/2016 : Previs Workshop introduction
Click HERE to open
6/21/2016 : The special course of Previs in TVC will be opened at ASIA University on August
We will open the special course of Previs in TVC at ASIA University on August 22nd and 23rd.
Previsualization has been implemented in advanced film and TV commercials production pipelines, originated from Hollywood film production and now expanded to Pan Asian Pacific areas albeit with in-consistent capability and pace of usage in each country. This two days course is aiming to provide an in-depth view on how TVC is to be created and produced in Taiwan nowadays, in the meantime walking participants through such process with a prior arrangement on TVC script creation, then to be completed by participants°« hands-on creation of previs basing on their own such script.
We also insert the advanced and critical piece, but missing in Taiwan, from Japanese Previs Director. Thus to provide a futuristic perspective how TVC, or promotional video in a larger sense, should be moving towards to in Asian Pacific areas.

If you have any interest in the course, please contact us by email :
3/20/2016 : The page of Certificate System has been opened
We will start Certificate System this year.
Please check about Certificate System and ask us if you have any questions.
12/3/2015 : Thank you very much for coming to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 has been held in Kobe, Japan on November 2nd - 5th.
Our panel discussion in SIGGRAPH sessions and booth in Exhibition were completed with a big success.
The summary of the discussion is here!
10/19/2015 : SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 will be held in Kobe, Japan on November 2nd - 5th.
We, PREVIS SOCIETY ASIA will organize a panel discussion in SIGGRAPH sessions and a booth in Exhibition.
The detail is here!
10/01/2015 : official web site has been opened
07/10/2015 : prepairing web site has been opened
1) Intention of Founding
Recently, the movie industry is in times for un-precedent change.
The change is the transition from analog production system based on film moving towards digital production system by the constantly evolving digital technology. In the past movies like as feature films have been made by artisans who have special technology with huge budget, but now everyone can make movies by digital technology with meager budget. We can even make feature films simply by using smart phone like iPhone and a free editing software. Additionally the films can be shown around the world if it is to reach out by the online movie distribution service site like as Youtube and Ustream, unlike in the past we had to bring a lot of film rolls to any theaters. This can very well be considered as the biggest change in the history of the movie making during the last 120 years.

What must movie makers to weather this change?
Movie makers are certainly expected to make much more amazing and higher quality movies than amateur's production. We have some idea based on our many years of experience and artifice to make dreams come true, if we use all of them effectively with a limited budget and for a limited period of time, planning well is the most critical. PreVisualization, referred to as Previs hereafter, is very effective technique for planning. Previs is the technique to visualize plan and design accurately. Investor, customer, producer, director and all stuffs involved in the project can understand planning by Previs, the project can go forward to its goal by uniting the power of all together.

Asian countries can't compete against the western world who have deeper financial pocket and development capability supported by their existing worldwide show business in movie selling. But we have a lot of traditional contents which they covet to get the movie rights, whereas the moviemaking technology is not that different from East to West, thanking to the incredible advances in digital technology. Although any single country from Asia can't compete with western world's big budget and unique technique independently, it might still be possible to unite all Asia countries together to do this. To unite all Asian countries will appear to be too naive to say, considering the difference of language and culture in Asia, but I think we can overcome such difficulty if we concentrate on the unique parts of each countries by previs and collaborate closely to make one movie.

PPREVIS SOCIETY ASIA has been established with intention to popularize Previs in Asia and organize to make original movies based on a lot of our traditional contents and show them around the world.
I hope the Society helps to accelerate the development the movie industry in Asia in times for very big change and challenge.
2) What is "Previs"
Previs is the technique to visualize plan and design accurately.
Previs shows idea in heads of producer, director, DP and all stuff of a project, then the best plan is made on Previs. In planning we sort what we have to do effectively with a limited budget and for a limited period of time, a way for the best goal is shown clearly.
There are some kinds of Previs for any purpose.

Animatic In this process the image of all story is shown for explanation about concept of a project by making a 2DCG animation movie based on any concept images and image boards.
Previs In this process the image of all story is shown for confirmation about story-telling by making a 3DCG animation movie based on any concept images and image boards.
Tech-vis In this process any 3DCG data of each scene are made on a 3DCG software for confirmation about how to make a footage.
Onset-vis If shooting is on blue or green screen process for VFX, any final image are realtime shown by compositing real image and CG image on set for confirmation correct shooting image.
Post-vis In offline editing, any final image are shown by compositing shooting footage and previs 3DCG image for confirmation correct VFX.

Previs is important technique to support all process from planning to finishing. quality of movies can be higher by combining and linking each previs process.

Recently some moviemaking projects have serious problems because of shortage of budget and time for production. And planning and design is just not enough. Script and image board is not completed before shooting. Final image is not known before completing. Effort of stuff is the last hope.
There is no way to make better movies if we keep having problems.

Previs is the best technique to clear all problems and make higher quality movies.
3) Objectives
The objective of PREVIS SOCIETY ASIA is to popularize Previs in Asia, we are to address from two major routes.

Education of PreVis
Recently education of movie making and 3DCG in Asia has been parallel. On education of movie making almost students mainly learn about shooting live action without 3DCG. While on education of 3DCG almost students mainly learn about operating 3DCG software without real shooting. But real movie making needs both shooting live-action and 3DCG. Though they have to collaborate closely and seamlessly, such education approach has not been widely acknowledged as yet.
Education of Previs can link both sides closely. On education of Previs it is the most important how to make a story and a movie without separation between live action shooting and 3DCG, because Previs is a technique to fully examine plan of a project and consider how to make a movie with story telling. If students learn on education of Previs, they may make a better movie with both live action shooting and 3DCG effectively.

PREVIS SOCIETY ASIA will promote education of Previs in Asia by providing tools for and information about it from pioneer teachers around Asia.

Collaboration in Asia
Now the center of the movie industry is Hollywood in USA and Europe, Asian countries can't compete against them have big capital strength and development capability supported by worldwide show business. The big change by evolving digital technology has exerted influence on their business, but they has dealt quickly. Their key technique is Previs. They use Previs effectively and make high quality movies with a limited budget and for a limited period of time.

On the other hand, movie makers in Asia are caught up in-between analog and digital technology at present. They make effort by themselves in each country alone. Original previs system is used in some country, Hollywood style previs system is used in another country. There is a gap between actual industry practice and education. We want to link both of them and make technical collaboration on production. We know there is a difference on contents and method of movie making between countries in Asia, but if planning process has been standardized by Previs, we can put our differences aside and collaborate effectively.

PREVIS SOCIETY ASIA is a place for all members to share information about Previs and discuss how to solve any problems they have on their movie making. We will collaborate closely in Asia.
HEAD DIRECTOR Satoshi Yamaguchi

In 2000, I started previs work for shooting with a motion control camera system "MILO" after 7-year service as flight simulator engineer and 10-year service as CG engineer. In 2005, my previs work has started evolving for all shootings. To date, I have obtained broad experiences as a previs supervisor and artist. As previs supervisor, I retired IMAGICA at the end of 2011 and became a freelance previs supervisor. Then I built the first previs company in Asia "ACW-DEEP Corp." in 2013.

A professional member of Previs Society (USA)
An active member of Visual Effect Society (USA)

[Teaching staff position]
Chuo Institute of Technology: Instructor - 3DCG (2012-Now)
DIRECTOR Christopher Chen

Christopher Chen started his career in IT industry with Acer Group back in the late 1990's and had headed several divisions there, including two expatriate terms to China and Thailand. In 2009 he joined Reallusion Inc, an innovative independent software developers for 2D and 3D animation software.

CG education is an area which will need more attention and assistance from both the industry and education itself. To further validate the real-time animation product vision of Reallusion Inc, he created a globally unique competition event by gathering over 20 top performing teams, formed by university students from Asian Pacific countries to join a 48 hours time-limited animation live contest each year since 2013. Participating nations so far includes Australia/China/Indonesia/Japan/Korea/Malaysia/Taiwan/Thailand/Singapore. Pressure undertaken by the contestants is extremely similar to a Previs artist's daily life. He also helped to organize several seminars, both international and domestic, to make the concept of Previs further known across Asia.
DIRECTOR Danyo Donghyun Yoon

Danyo Yoon studied Visual Communication Design at Massey University Wellington in New Zealand, and graduated with honor.

He started his previsual career with a feature length film, "Taegukgi : Brotherhood of War" in 2002.

Danyo did not hesitate to travel around the globe to develop his skill set as a film-maker, designer, and previsual artist, and he was able to take it all to the next level with his work on "The Host (2004,Chunguram)", "Happyfeet 2 (2011,Dr.D Studios)", "The Adventures of Tintin (2011,WETA Digital)", and "Harlock : Space Pirate (2013, Marza)".

In 2014, He founded a full service previsualzation studio, "Pretzeal", to help film-makers plan and execute their films and animation.

Before entering visual effects industry, Mr. Neil Xie has extensive experience in government relations and foreign company work.

In 2003, he worked with Chris Bremble to introduce international film & TV projects for Chinese first generation of visual effects artists.

In 2006, they founded Base FX, a film & TV special effects and animation company and worked together to develop a team of 12 people into the largest film & TV special effects and animation company in China.

During more than ten years°« service in visual effects industry, Neil witnessed Base FX°«s grow as a three-time Emmy Award Winner and two-time Oscar nominee in Best Special Effects category. As a company operator, Neil also witnessed the development of Chinese film & TV visual effects industry.

Neil currently works as the vice president at Base FX. He also takes an active role in the founding of PSA (Previsualization Society Asia) and CPPA (China Post Production Alliance) and serves as one of the directors of PSA and vice president of CPPA. Neil is devoted to boosting industry development by actively promoting the communication and resource integration inside and outside the industry.
DIRECTOR Kazuya Kojima

Dr. Kazuya KOJIMA is an associate professor in information madia, Kanagawa Institute of Technology. He received the D.E degree from Kindai University in 2002. From 2002 to 2005, he was a postdoctoral fellow at art research center of ritsumeikan university. Since 2005, he is an associate professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Since 2014, he is a project leader at advanced technology research center in Kanagawa Institute of technology, and is a director at Japan Contents Promote Organization. His research interests are computer graphics, real-time interaction, and human information processing. He is a member of ACM, IPSJ, IEICE and ITE.

Previs Supervisor of Base FX

Gavin Boyle graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design in Canada and is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES). In 1994, Gavin began working in the Feature Animation and the Visual Effects industry. During his career, he has worked at Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain, Animal Logic and other world-renowned visual effects and Feature Animation companies around the world. He was involved in the production of a number of highly celebrated movies such as "The Avengers," "Mission Impossible 4", "Pirates of the Caribbean 4", "The Golden Compass" and "Legend of the Guardians°….

Gavin joined Base FX in 2013. As the Previs Supervisor at Base, and has completed several projects, including the live action movie "Monster Hunt" and other widely screened visual effects productions.

Type of MembershipAnnual FeeMembership Qualifications
Professional $ 100.00 A member who has been actively engaged in creation or engineering of Previs for not less than three years
General $ 50.00 A member who has involved a close relationship with Previs
Company $ 1,000.00 A member who is a company supports the society
School $ 1,000.00 A member who is a school supports the society
Teacher $ 40.00 A member who is a teacher teaches about Previs or be close interested in Previs<
Student $ 10.00 A member who is a student studies about Previs or be close interested in Previs<

Please download the application form and fill out the complete information before sending to us.

ADDRESS :ACW-DEEP, KBIC322, 7-7, Shinkawasaki, Saiwai, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
POSTAL CODE :212-0032
TEL :+81-44-201-8839