Certificate System
1) What is a Certified Previs Associate?
To eventually become a professional Previs artist, the best is to train yourself with all kinds of knowledge required for previs work, such as camera language, modelling skill, film production pipeline, able to write programs for some real-time engine etc. As this is proven to be quite a high hurdle, PSA has designed the process to get yourself certified as Certified Previs Associate.
2) How to become a CPA?
A test focusing on camera usage, animation tool operation and visualize director's concept from scratch are designed to validate whether you are standing on the starting line of becoming a professional Previs artist. Such test requires your full attention to generate film within a very short period of time by animation software.
You will need to enlist in the tests, held from time to time, hosted in your resident countries by resellers designated by PSA.
3) The Benefits of becoming a CPA?
Corp members of PSA has continuously mentioned the difficulties of finding the right talents. On the other hand we are also finding the newly academically trained students are finding the requirements of the industry is getting higher and higher. By getting yourself certified, you will receive a preferred status while going through the recruit process of PSA”Ēs supporting companies. However such status might vary slight from company to company.