PSA joints hands with NTUA to establish first official course of Pre-visualization in Asia
Previs Society Asia has cooperated with the Film faculty of National Taiwan University of Arts to officially offer course on Previs, a most critical production process in Hollywood film production, from Oct/2017. NTUA also invited Base FX, production studio for Star wars and Monster Hunt, to deliver detailed knowhow on how to make all these internationally best-selling films.

Liao, Gene-Fon, chair of Motion Picture Department at NTUA, said °∆while facing the great opportunity of an ever-growing China film market, the Taiwan film industry is facing both an opportunity and also severe challenge.°« The only way out is to quickly enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan film industry by embracing the industrial process of advanced film making. We are glad to work together with PSA and its members , Reallusion Inc and Base FX, to introduce such advance course for our students to learn from.

Mr. Satoshi Yamaguchi, head director of PSA: Previs is already an indispensable production process in film and TVC production in Western world. We Asian countries will need to catch up very fast. Even though Taiwan is still in the starting step, we are very happy to see the 3D animation software from Reallusion Inc. has been adopted in this class. Students will surely be able to learn every aspect of video production, so as to focus more on creativity and story-telling.

PSA was founded by ACW-Deep Corp. from Japan, Reallusion Inc. from Taiwan and Base FX from China. PSA endeavors on the adoption and education of Previsualization throughout Asia.

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